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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 7 years ago

    Hey man, thanks for the update.

    I'd love to hear from you here from time to time and see how this is going. Keep us posted.

    Yeah, music is also a second love here, as well. Funny, I grew up in the punk rock/ hardcore scene of the East Coast (US) straight edge (I was for a good ten minutes), emo, etc., etc., - and used to be in a lot of bands, and had a band house at one time, where we had shows. Good times.

    I've been playing with electronic music and more into electronic music for the last 8 years or so. Side passion. Going to UltraSingapore in early September and Above & Beyond are headlining! Looking forward to that one.

    I see music, the scene, skating the scene, a lot like design, and the scene. A lot of overlap.


    I also purchased an instance of Semplice a while back. In general, given it's Wordpress, it's a nice product and you can tell they are doing what the best they can with it.

    When I was playing with it, I found the typography behavior a bit unpredictable.


    My suggestion, a better way to achieve balance in the type is rather than focus on the font, focus on the weights of fonts. You are looking for higher contrast, better symmetry, and balance. Also, your project titling font FFMetaBold56, specifically “Aerium: Simplicity through nature” - gets a little clumsy and top heavy. That title checks in at 900 pixels wide. Finally, the “READ MORE” is out of balance with the rest of the typographic scale.

    Design Assets

    Yeah, total nightmare. I “think” this may solve your problem. Have you considered a responsive image host? ex.,


    This is all positioning. You are likely positioning to the wrong crowd and people. I have a suggestion for getting business. Send three very focused, succinct emails to recently funded startups who catch your attention, every day. It should take you 30 minutes.

    Who has the money?

    You can see here:

    Or here:

    If you wanna step this up, set up a Feedly account, set up feed groups of blogs, track startups you like - and again, just make contact.

    Don’t go full on sales dude in your emails - “Hey, hey wanna buy UI” - go on LinkedIn - get the founders emails, Twitter @ them - offer an acute observation, and simply state you are available for collaboration - not I want a job.

    If you wanna go FULL ON BEAST - here is another tactic for making contact.

    Write articles (valuable, that show case your design philosophy and thinking) - and casually mention companies with a solid observation in a sentence whom you would like to collaborate with - when the article goes live, message their community managers and let them know of the mention. This opens the doors of communication for the future.


    If you get over here, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

    Cheers bud.


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