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over 7 years ago from Lucian .es, Product Designer

  • Lucian .esLucian .es, over 7 years ago

    Hey Emily,

    Thanks so much for the feedback!


    I was fixing the typos. Somebody pointed that out on twitter :V Going to work on the about text over the weekend and make something different for the homepage.

    General design

    1 . It would be too much to have the same bg color. Too much blue for photo content. Still working on this one.

    1. If I don't get featured on the showcase, probably I will move it at the bottom (:

    2. Not yet, going to add more stuff and wanted something that can scale

    3. I don't want to push a lot of people to my IG and twitter because I post a lot of skate and surf stuff thats not related with digital products.

    Probably I will add a footer as a lot of people suggested that.

    Thanks again for taking time and pointing this out. Really helpful

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