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over 7 years ago from Lucian .es, Product Designer

  • emily carlinemily carlin, over 7 years ago

    Looks great! I love the form - and am an avid Typeform user! Just gave it a quick glance and noticed the following:


    minor copy issues 1. "Aiming to keep ahead of technological and artistic trends I am constantly experimenting, learning and expanding my skills." -- this needs a comma after trends 2. Under the "Beezy" case study (and maybe all of them, I only clicked on that one) "Responsabilities" is misspelled - should be "Responsibilities." 3. Also, while it isn't necessarily "wrong" I found that repeating the exact copy "Aiming to keep ahead...." on the home page and on the "About Me" section felt a bit strange.

    general design 1. I think the Twitter section on the "About" page feels a bit wonky. The ellipses before you start is, I am guessing, a continuation of "Sometimes I like to capture my adventures and share them on Instagram" but they're so far apart on the page / the two sections are colored so differently that it the "....and post to Twitter" was jarring to me. Maybe make that section's bg the same as the Instagram piece? 2. Also on the "About" page, I think the built w/ Semplice seal thing should be at the very bottom. Feels randomly placed. 3. Don't think your number of pages warrant a hamburger menu. 4. Curious about the decision to only display social media links in the top panel of the home page. Maybe they should stay fixed / at least reappear in the footer?

    Anyway, nice work! Looks great, on the whole.

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    • Lucian .esLucian .es, over 7 years ago

      Hey Emily,

      Thanks so much for the feedback!


      I was fixing the typos. Somebody pointed that out on twitter :V Going to work on the about text over the weekend and make something different for the homepage.

      General design

      1 . It would be too much to have the same bg color. Too much blue for photo content. Still working on this one.

      1. If I don't get featured on the showcase, probably I will move it at the bottom (:

      2. Not yet, going to add more stuff and wanted something that can scale

      3. I don't want to push a lot of people to my IG and twitter because I post a lot of skate and surf stuff thats not related with digital products.

      Probably I will add a footer as a lot of people suggested that.

      Thanks again for taking time and pointing this out. Really helpful

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