Adobe Design Rebrand(

almost 7 years ago from Juan F. Mena, UX + IxD @ Disney

  • Juan F. MenaJuan F. Mena, almost 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting Shawn, and also thanks for sharing this honest and detailed explanation on how things played out for your team.

    I don't share the negativity that other designers have expressed here, but I do see the confusion that Adobe XD (the software) and Adobe Experience Design (the design team) generates. Project Comet was such an amazing name, I can't believe that the name change had also an impact on this.

    If anything, I hope this serves as a valuable lesson to Adobe's Brand Strategy team, as having a clear communication is crucial within Adobe as it is with the outside world.

    Last note: don't let the negativity from other designers stop you and your team from sharing your work and from coming forward to talk about it, this is what this community needs, not sarcastic-toxic feedback. So thank you again for posting here.

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