Working as a Designer in Korea(

over 7 years ago from Dani Sanchez, Senior UX and Product Designer

  • Antoine BlancherAntoine Blancher, over 7 years ago

    As a foreign designer working for almost 6 years in Korea I'm agree with your analysis. Korea is definetely a high tech country, they can make a lot of great things, but when it comes to make websites it's a disaster... for a foreign point of view.

    Man, just try to open a bank account or make a money transfer on a korean banking website... it's just the worst painful ux experience you will have in your whole life.

    I'm a senior UX designer in a web agency and I received a lot of resume for web designer position. On 100 resume you'll have maybe around 5 designers to actually have a decent website portfolio. I have a team of 7 designers, and none of them knew what is a webfont. The technical knowledge is the web industry here is very low among designers.

    One of the biggest problem for me is korean people are snarred in the korean web ecosystem because of naver and daum which are the biggest search portal of the country.

    Koreans are much better in video production, graphics and animations. The web industry is maybe too young here.

    I'm not saying that all korean websites or korean designer sucks, there is a lot of talented people here but usually those kind of people studied design abroad.

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