Adobe Design Rebrand(

over 7 years ago from Juan F. Mena, UX + IxD @ Disney

  • Connor Tomas O'BrienConnor Tomas O'Brien, over 7 years ago

    As far as I know, this isn't the team directly responsible for the Adobe XD app, but the team that works across all apps to create Adobe's UI language? Adobe had a team called 'Experience Design' that predated XD... now, it seems as though they're getting around to rebranding because Adobe has subsequently launched a product with the same name.

    The fact that I can't actually figure out how Adobe Design fits with the rest of Adobe makes this a pretty confusing identity, though. I still can't work out whether Adobe Design is an internal Adobe team or an outward-facing organisation, and the branding doesn't provide a lot of context as to how to differentiate between the two different Adobes.

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