• Eric Foster, 7 years ago

    It'll be very demanding, and you won't have the luxury of a lot of ideation time, so often times you have to go with your gut, and polish that idea as much as time allows, but don't obsess over attaining perfection.

    People like to see designs in progress and give input, even if it's just "Looks great!" so share as often as you can with your coworkers, but take everyone's feedback with a grain of salt, as always. Push yourself to think better, faster. You'll find yourself gaining speed of execution and (hopefully) confidence as you go.

    Regarding feedback, learn to hear the message behind the words, as opposed to the words themselves.

    Don't let it (the fast, often thankless, pace) burn you out. Take time away to pursue hobbies. In the beginning stages of a startup, that time is very hard to come by in my experience, let alone time for sleep, so take it where you can get it.

    Even if you end up hating the startup lifestyle, at least you'll know, and you can move on to something that suits you better.

    Source: I was the only designer at my current job when we were just 8 employees.

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