Show DN: How much does a website cost?(

over 7 years ago from Joe MacNeil, Freelance copywriter

  • Preston Berger, over 7 years ago

    Website pros and cons:


    Inexpensive – usually included in the price of designing your website Works on all devices – you don’t need a separate site for iOS/Android Easy to setup – no submitting to app stores, you just need a domain and hosting.


    No push notifications No offline access No app store presence Poor design can cause problems like: Performance issues Cluttered design Poor usability

    Mobile app pros and cons:


    Push notifications – send text messages to your subscribers Offline access – read articles, listen to podcasts, or browse a product catalog while on an airplane Great performance – a well designed app can be faster than a website Less cluttered – this depends on the website design, but apps tend to have less stuff Get on the app stores – it’s another way to get in front of your customers, you also get a button on their homescreen.


    Extra expense – while some apps are affordable ($49/mo for example) it’s still another cost Extra setup – you have to setup the app and submit to the app stores

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