• Skylar ChallandSkylar Challand, almost 7 years ago

    Hey Justin, thanks for the kind words! Glad we were able to allow you to ditch Wordpress, and join the static web party. It’s fun over here :)

    Also glad you’re still using Pizza Compass. Still blows our mind how much press that got at launch. Kind of a bummer when publications like Los Angeles Times are excited to write about your joke app instead of your legit products :P

    Fun fact: For at least a brief moment, we were able to beat Angry Birds in the App Store paid app charts. That was a huge achievement we’re still proud of to this day.

    Another fun fact: When the Apple Watch first came out, I was determined to get Pizza Compass up and running (could you imagine!?). Actually got pretty far before realizing that the watch doesn’t have a compass. Oops!

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