• Sawyer HollensheadSawyer Hollenshead, almost 7 years ago

    Re. #4: We really focused on building a CMS that developers would love to build for and that everyone would love to use.

    So some things developers will love is:

    • Full compatibility with Jekyll — it’s open source, you can run it offline, and it’s the same thing GitHub Pages uses to power over half a million sites.
    • GitHub Sync, which keeps your source files locally, in GitHub, and in Siteleaf all in sync. When you make an edit in Siteleaf or push a local change to GitHub, everything syncs which gives you a time machine for your content.
    • A full API that developers can use to manage their content. Hell, you could create your own CMS using just our API. (The Siteleaf Admin uses the same API endpoints). I’m using the API personally to export my Kindle and iBooks highlights online.

    From the client or content manager side: I’m a bit biased but I think we’ve built and designed a pretty kickass admin interface for you to manage your site in.

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