• Skylar ChallandSkylar Challand, over 7 years ago

    Re: #3 I wish we could say we have a secret formula for this, but really just involves experimentation and determination. Not everything we’ve tried has been a success, but typically everything we do is built with a purpose in mind and one that scratches an itch. We feel like if it's something we’d use, others may feel the same way. Even if it's not, just having the thing exist for yourself (or one client) may be “real” enough to start. We actually had 2 working versions of Siteleaf for years prior to the v1 public launch. Nowhere near as polished as it is now, but all along the way we had clients using it. So it served a purpose (we didn’t have to use Wordpress!) and was the “real deal” to at least some people.

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