• Sawyer HollensheadSawyer Hollenshead, almost 7 years ago

    Re. #1: Good question :) The day-to-day is pretty relaxed. Skylar and I meet every Monday morning to catch up on the latest stuff: what we’re working on, what client work is in the pipeline, and what needs done to get to where we want to be—whether that’s launching a new feature or something a bit more long-term. Outside of the Monday morning catch up, we don’t really have any other meetings unless we’re meeting with a client. Most of the back-and-forth between the team is through Slack, and we have a channel for each product and client to keep things organized. Most of the stuff we know we need to do is a GitHub issue in the corresponding project’s repo and we try to use GitHub’s Milestone feature to group the issues by priority. This setup isn't perfect but it works okay for a small team like ours.

    One thing that we do with Dropmark that pushes us to keep things moving forward is a monthly email that we send out. This was partially inspired by something Nathan Kontny wrote about doing when he took over Highrise from 37Signals:

    On day one, I established a train schedule – we'd make major announcements on a regular basis. If something isn't ready, it misses the train. But an announcement is going out; something better be on it.

    We started doing a similar thing at the beginning of the year, and at the end of every month we send out an email — most months we’ve had a new feature or improvement that we’ve been able to announce.

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