Bookmark is dead(

over 7 years ago from Zeh Fernandes, Designer

  • James Young, over 7 years ago

    I'm not convinced the problem statement is a big enough barrier to say bookmarks are dead for everyone.

    It's not ideal having to figure out which folder to store things in and click a couple of times to save a page to it but I personally think I'd find that trade-off worth it when if I'm looking for a page about Sass tools I know I can just look in my organised Chrome folder called /web/sass resources/ and find it rather than perform a fuzzy search for something that might need a little more than just "I'm looking for something that .. err .. Sass .."

    I can see how it would be useful for things like images but at least in my personal case, I find the up-front organisation required to categorise something when I save it helps to find it quickly and easily down the line.

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    • Zeh Fernandes, over 7 years ago

      But imagine you don't need to think about save a link. What sass tool are you looking for? (for example, one that you saw on Github)

      In your search, you type links about sass that I visited in Github.

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