Ask DN: Should I learn to code?

over 7 years ago from Dan Wilkinson, Web Designer

  • Patrick SmithPatrick Smith, over 7 years ago

    Learning to code is about so much more than syntax. It’s about learning the concepts and approaches developers use — how do they see the world? It’s a bit like an architect learning about engineering and building.

    On the other side is business. Learning those concepts and approaches is just as useful — again how do they see the world?

    This way you get to see design as being part of a greater process. Which area of that process is completely up to you.

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    • Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson, 7 years ago

      I agree, and there's so many different methods of building web projects with foundations and different types of syntax that I'll need to find what's right for me :-)

      Thanks for the advice Patrick.

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    • Ning ChenNing Chen, 7 years ago

      Yes. Learning business is as important as learning to code.

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