Facebook rolling out new page layout

almost 7 years ago from Dan Wilkinson, Web Designer

  • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    I'm not a fan of this layout either.

    My thought is that the timeline is the part of Facebook that matters most. Right? This never-ending obsession with massive hero images above the fold is such an odd practice, and requires the user to scroll past the hero area (eyes and mouse) until they see the feed that matters to them.

    I feel like the 'hero' area would be a good place for page owners to place 'pinned' posts that could perhaps utilize the larger space for media that corresponds to that post (collage gallery, text, video, etc), and they could even offer flexibility to include event details that correspond to the pinned post (if relevant), etc. etc.

    Of course all of these thoughts are based on the assumption that this is really a redesigned Pages layout.

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