Ask DN: Should I learn to code?

over 7 years ago from Dan Wilkinson, Web Designer

  • Timothy L.Timothy L., over 7 years ago

    As a designer/developer:

    Having knowledge of both design and development is invaluable. It gives you insight to what's possible to implement when designing and can help you develop a roadmap of how to hand things off to developers. Aside from making you a lot more desirable to employers, it helps when designing to imagine the code in your head which could increase development speed and improve your knowledge of coding as you design.

    Perhaps I'm bias because I do the things mentioned above. I'd be interested to see a reply against this.

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    • Blake RutledgeBlake Rutledge, over 7 years ago


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    • Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson, over 7 years ago

      When I'm designing websites the vision I have can sometimes stray when the developer takes on the project.

      I'd like to think that having full control from design to completion would be make projects more enjoyable too.

      Thanks for your comment Tim :)

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