• Matheus PereiraMatheus Pereira, 10 years ago

    I do hackintosh 's been about eight years. Initially by curiosity (and lack of money for an original model). Long ago things were quite complicated. You had to intervene in many details to make the OS work and when it worked, it worked through the steam.

    Since then much has changed, and changed for the better. The comudidade around the subject increased and many ports were made. Do Hackintosh today is a simple matter of choosing the right parts.

    For example, a few months put together a new machine for my work (dev + ui /ux ) . I started with an SSD, a intermediate motherboard from Gigabyt , board video from AMD (I prefer Nvidia, but the money was little ) and a processor Haswell. Ran the OS X since the first beta of the Mavericks, and from there everything worked reasonably well. After the third beta machine had a stable and fully functional.

    Now the GM, everything goes well and at full speed. All updates have been made by the Mac App Store.

    Anyway, practice Hackintosh is a hack-ability. Lost nights of sleep, but I learned a lot about the architecture of the system in question.

    If you are a Designer and trembles with a hack, ask your buddy Dev do it, but if you are a curious, might be a good option.

    I live in Brazil and prices of Apple products (and almost all imported electronics) are very high. For me that is the determining factor for Hackintosh. If your country things are different, it might be better to wait for the new Mac Pro :)

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    • Aaron SAaron S, 10 years ago

      Thanks for the great reply, that really clarified it for me! I have great knowledge when it comes to the nitty gritty parts of computers, it's something I thoroughly enjoy doing. Which is why I think I'd love to take this bad boy on!

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