Editing PSD without Photoshop

over 7 years ago from Ivan Kutskir, Programmer

  • stephen fstephen f, over 7 years ago

    Nice idea, however the first thing I opened was a fairly tall web design (first thing I saw on the my desktop), but once I'd used Photopea to zoom in to a more readable size I didn't have any way of scrolling up/down, was just stuck in the middle... bug?

    You also have to remember that Photoshop cs2 is available from adobe as a free download

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    • Ivan KutskirIvan Kutskir, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      Thanks :) I expected everybody to "scroll" using a Hand tool (switch using Spacebar), I just added scrolling into my todo list :)

      By the way, I think it was some mistake on Adobe's website, they didn't mean to offer CS2 for free. But they have released Photoshop 1.0 as open source :)

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      • stephen fstephen f, over 7 years ago

        yeah, cs2 was an adobe mistake, but it's been sat there with you able to download it for the past few years so i doubt it's going anywhere, my guess would be they see it as a bit of a gate way for people downloading cs2 (or the retro Photoshop 1 you pointed out ha ha) then progressing and wanting to upgrade to cc.

        But anyway, that doesn't take away from the fact you're building something pretty cool thats fast, browser based and i real viable option for people that only want to jump on or edit a psd every now and again without having to install anything

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