• Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 10 years ago

    Hey, thanks for this well thought out & detailed answer! I really appreciate it.

    No probs. :)

    I wasn't really talking about anything that needs to be sliced / exported.

    Ah, ok!

    You mentioned that you make a text file for the text information... do you also do an annotation that shows spacing for everything?

    Typically not, only because it seems like a lot of work for not much benefit. I prefer talking to the dev as they’re building. If they have a question, I can measure the parts we’re talking about and tell them. I think it’s easier that way, because the implementation may mean that the measurements are taken from a place that isn’t initially obvious.

    Quite often we just slap the UI in roughly, then I’ll measure everything and provide a document with changes. They look like this: http://i.imgur.com/qlvA9.png

    That means the developer can worry about the code without getting hung up on the UI being pixel perfect.

    I do provide specs for text though (usually made before the dev starts work on that section of the app).

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