• Will Hitchcock, 10 years ago

    It's more like designing a suit using a standard suit-designing software that includes measurements and all important information. You then hand that suit design over to manufacturing who could use the same software to get all the necessary information. Instead, they demand that you print out screenshot of the design and put post-it notes on it detailing all of the information that was in the original file.

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    • Ketan Anjaria, 10 years ago

      Haha, maybe my analogy isn't perfect but while working with a developer who understands line heights, type and color is great, it's not in their job description. Basically they are really good at writing code and it's your job as designer to teach and improve their design output. Design is about sending your message across and that includes brand guidelines. It's not a dev's job to figure out that message, it's yours. Also it's just a nice thing to do and saves them time.

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