Eli Schiff - Instagram's Abomination Part I(elischiff.com)

over 7 years ago from Marco Scannadinari, Web developer

  • Ben MJTBen MJT, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Does it honestly matter, though? They could change their logo to the shit emote and the world would still turn. It's not that logos don't matter, it's more that it's pretty inconsequential what a billion dollar app for taking snaps on my phone has as their logo. All this hot air from people like Schiff is just ridiculous, the logo is absolutely fine.

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    • AK SelbyAK Selby, over 7 years ago

      Guy who says this conversation doesn't matter continues the conversation about why it doesn't matter.

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    • Andrew Simchik, over 7 years ago

      It's a good question. Does it matter? According to Eli, it mattered enough to Instagram that they went through, what, 300 variations to get to the one we see? Perhaps they, too, decided in the end that it didn't matter and just threw a dart at the wall.

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