Eli Schiff - Instagram's Abomination Part I(elischiff.com)

over 7 years ago from Marco Scannadinari, Web developer

  • Adam Brace, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    What I'm getting at is all this in depth critique of a brand that changed their logo is stuff that doesn't really matter. A lot of smart people made an informed decision about their brand and changed it. The logo is neither here nor there but Instagram as a product is so great. Obviously it's important and I care about branding but it's not the be all and end all when the interface is the most important part about their brand/product. The app icon really just serves the purpose of aligning the product alongside others on the home screen. Most of this is all a reaction to the fact they changed something that everyone told them for 3 years was outdated. Let's be done with it now.

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    • Andrew Simchik, over 7 years ago

      We definitely agree that Instagram's a great product (it's probably the only social medium that makes me happier when I use it) and that the interface is of more urgent importance than the app icon (both of which I was fine with before). I do still find it educational to read and talk about all of those things, but I guess I can understand the fatigue.

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