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over 10 years ago from Nathan F, Researcher @thebasics

  • Robb SchillerRobb Schiller, over 10 years ago

    Any thoughts from people who are using the app?

    Been using it today thus far, finding it odd to use while I'm working at my computer (when I really care about interacting with my inbox). I did find it kinda nice to mark the few emails I had in the morning with "Respond Later" and then getting notified later in the morning was pretty helpful.

    Good behavioral design there, but I feel that without some sort of desktop companion, the email-as-task-manger falls a bit short...

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    • Manik RatheeManik Rathee, over 10 years ago

      I read somewhere (maybe twitter?) that when you mark something to remind you later, it actually moves in your inbox and gets brought to the top there as well.

      I found this behavior pretty odd - not sure how they could do that in the gmail web interface or say on desktop. I take it that you haven't seen this behavior?

      That would be a big bummer - I use sparrow on desktop and iOS from now and hopes that mailbox could uproot sparrow from my dock but if these reminders aren't reflected in my desktop inbox, then it will not be nearly as useful for me.

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