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over 10 years ago from Nathan F, Researcher @thebasics

  • Jordan Price, over 10 years ago

    With all the apps on my iphone, I regularly go through and eliminate ones that I haven't used in awhile. If I have to wait months for my invite to work, I'm almost positive it's going to get deleted before then. They're smart for getting phone numbers to circumvent the possible deletion of their app and loss of push notifications, but I'm almost tempted to delete it now. I know they're claiming the wait is because their servers might get overloaded, but to me it smells a bit like artificial scarcity.

    Another thing: I'm still perfectly happy with Sparrow. I know they won't be supporting it any longer, but it's still an amazing app. I currently don't need another one to handle my email.

    At any rate, they've got me talking about their product, and that doesn't happen to 95% of the apps I download. They're doing something right I guess.

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    • Jordan Price, over 10 years ago

      And I'll probably purposely or accidentally delete the invite code that's in my sms inbox by then too.. then I'd be back to the back of the line on the invite list, right?

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