Relay - Create Custom Maps for Your Next Trip(

over 7 years ago from Holly Rohani, Job Board Manager at Designer News and Dribbble

  • Jared CJared C, over 7 years ago

    Hey Oliver, Does it work offline? Like can I download maps/location info locally so I can just use GPS when I'm on my trip?

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    • Oliver Brooks, over 7 years ago

      All the location info (pins, notes, etc) are stored locally. Offline functionality isn't explicitly supported for the map itself but the default behaviour of the system is to cache quite a lot of map-tile information. As long as before you go offline you "inspect" the areas of the map you want to use you should be fine. I've used it offline a few times myself and it works reasonably well. I'd say the feasibility depends on whether you're walking around a city (small map areas) vs going on a road trip (huge map areas). Hope that helps!

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