You Could Almost Do Anything Pt. III(

over 7 years ago from Eli Schiff,

  • Ben Patterson, over 7 years ago

    Schiff critiques the overly theoretical approach of modernists, which ok, modernism can lead down some dark paths. But he commits the same sin by ignoring the everyday reality of creating logos and branding companies.

    Why is the HP Enterprise logo a "a rectangle with a green stroke"? I'd guess because they do tons of very different, very abstract things, and someone wanted a business card that wasn't all text. It will never need to stand on it's own or even be identified in a logo lineup because it's enterprise.

    He should take a moment to consider that logos and brands are created in a real world that is filled with real people all jockeying for different outcomes with different expectations. You can't critique the outcome of this process without at least acknowledging the process itself.

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