• Rob Sicat, 10 years ago

    I find Keynote a great tool to showcase and communicate my animations and interactions for apps I'm designing. I've contemplated incorporating Quartz into my process, but not sure if it's worth it.

    HTML/CSS/JS IMO is the ultimate way to go about it.

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    • Jess EddyJess Eddy, 10 years ago

      Rob, thanks. What are your thoughts on the concept of having a simple GUI that is for non-coders where you can basically do what Keynote, Framer.js and Animate.css does. Necessary, not necessary?

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      • Jordan BorthJordan Borth, 10 years ago

        Would love this.

        I find prototyping animations/interactions for native desktop apps is the toughest as you're not dealing with a set viewport. I tend to do things in Keynote but it's still a rather time consuming process :/

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