• John AnzelcJohn Anzelc, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    I'm interested in hearing more about what you're doing at InVision. "Design Education" is a pretty broad category (and I'm sure that is on purpose :) ). Does your role consist of doing content marketing, acting as a consultant for InVision's clients, or something else? Will you be helping the product itself encourage best practices somehow?

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    • Aarron Walter, 7 years ago

      I'll be writing and speaking about design best practices that'll help teams do better work and help companies use design to grow. I'll run workshops for some of our customers, I'll continue to speak at conferences around the world, and I'll publish plenty of articles to guide designers. It's not content marketing, I'm not trying to sell InVision. I wan to help our industry see the value of design.

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      • John AnzelcJohn Anzelc, 7 years ago

        Nice. Helping the industry see the value of design is a lofty goal, but it certainly sounds like you're up to the task! Best of luck to you and thanks for doing the AMA.

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