• Bryce HowitsonBryce Howitson, 7 years ago

    Aaron, You're now in a role with the potential to influence the way "design" is done and how it's perceived. In a climate where design is beginning to lead business, can you share your vision for the industry in the next few years? I would also be curious what's missing as we train designers into that vision?

    Thanks for taking the time to do an AMA. We all know how time & focus consuming they can be.

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    • Aarron Walter, 7 years ago

      Hey, Bryce.

      I don't have a grand vision of what design will look like in the future, but I do see a challenge we face. Agile development is the common wisdom of our time, helping us move faster, but it's a very developer-centric process. Designers often struggle to find their place in the process and can feel like an add-on rather than an equal. We'll need to find a way for design to fit into the process as a peer if we want to continue to do satisfying work.

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