• Monish Kumar, 7 years ago

    Hi Aarron,

    Thank you for doing this AMA. I am currently a graduate student in the USA and looking for UX and Product Design opportunities. I am very new the field and I want to find a mentor. I have tried contacting various senior UX designers, but I cannot get a single reply. I am applying only for job roles where I think I will fit in. However, I haven't got a single response. I have no clue about what I have to do. Can you please give me any tips or pointers on how to get mentors? I have a portfolio of my own - http://www.monishkumar.com

    Thanks and Regards, Monish

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    • Aarron Walter, 7 years ago

      Make it easy for people to view your work. Right now all of your work is wrapped in detailed articles. Your asking a lot of people by making them read multiple articles to see what you can do. Show more than tell.

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