• Aarron Walter, 7 years ago

    Agile is tough if your teams are mostly part-time, but it's not impossible. You can structure a lot of the work to be remote if schedules are hard to align. You'll need to make sure teams can find time for regular stand-ups to talk about what they've completed and what they'll be working on next. These don't have to be daily, but the intervals should be regular. They should schedule design reviews in-person if possible. There are so many good tools that make remote collaboration easy: google Hangouts, Basecamp, Slack, InVision.

    Choose clients that are committed to being available to students and providing the feedback they'll need to succeed. Choose clients that have meaningful problems to solve (non-profits, interesting new businesses, etc) to help students build a good portfolio. Choose clients that will give students access to the end user where possible so students get the opportunity to research the problem before designing.

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