• Jay Tyagi, 7 years ago

    Hello there Aarron

    I deal with corporate clients. And generally they don't understand design that much.

    Take this question for the example, "How is Proxima Nova better than Roboto? How will it affect traffic?" And there are many questions like that, why minimize the effort, why lesser form fields, why black-on-white instead of white-on-black.

    Any advice for me?

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    • Aarron Walter, 7 years ago

      Hi, Jay.

      Avoid getting into the weeds when presenting to the client. If they're not type nerds, then don't even bring it up. Focus on how you're helping them solve a problem. For example, instead of focusing on the feel of the design—"We used a 4 column grid and big Franklin Gothic headers to give the page a modern feel"—try focusing on the function of the design—"It's important for visitors to see your products and start shopping right away."

      Jot down notes as you design so you can present your design decisions well.

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