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over 7 years ago from Jeff Hilnbrand, Design Manager at Scale AI

  • Nicola RushtonNicola Rushton, over 7 years ago

    How do you keep them both up to date? What's the process if you need to update an element?

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    • Karri SaarinenKarri Saarinen, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      With larger initiatives, we usually meet with the teams early on to help them use the system. After that if they feel like they need something more or change something, we ask them to submit a proposal on changes and a reasoning why they cannot use the existing components. When we feel like the proposal is good, follows the system and our standards, we officially include in to the component library.

      We use git/github currently to facilitate the actual file updating process. We make the design changes to the Sketch file, create new branch, and submit a pull request with a changelog that document the changes.

      We also have a script (just cmdline sketchtool) that exports all the component artboards as PNG's that are also added with the new design files. That way you can see which artboards/components have changed, and can use the github image tools to compare them to the previous version.

      After the pull request is merged to the master branch, everyone will have access to the new design files through their Sketch Templates.

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      • Michael Nino EvensenMichael Nino Evensen, over 7 years ago

        This is one great example of a modern design process. In few years time engineering and design won't be two different tools / languages (Sketch, Swift/Obj-C and Java), but rather just one shared component library being adopted to different platforms with layout rules, contraints, colors, typography and states as the base of it. I'm curious, how did you as as designer feel about working within these very rigorous design constraints? And when presented to new designers what was their take on it? As a designer, I felt after working with Android and Google Material Design that given the very rigorous guidelines that it almost became "non-design" and what I was just basically doing was referencing elements and components in the Guidelines to the engineers.

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      • Matt Anderson, over 7 years ago

        Would love to see a write up for this! Definitely something we've bee struggling with at my work.

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