AMA: Framer Team on the all-new Framer and Auto-Code

over 7 years ago from Brittany Gregory, Content Strategist at Framer

  • Hang Le, over 7 years ago

    Thank you Framer team for producing such a powerful tool to help designers. I've been loving the tool since it came out.

    I'm definitely a power user and my comments might be too specific, but here they are :

    1. In the new version, I've noticed that once I create an image object, I can drag it around in the Preview panel to change the coordinates, however, after I click outside/deselected, I can't select it again from the Preview Panel. It took me and my coworkers some time to realize that we could select the layer by clicking on the handle all the way on the left side to select the layer again. I feel that the experience around selecting the layer could be improved, unless I'm doing it wrong...

    2. My workflow revolves around designing in Sketch and importing into Framer. I wish there were more turorials /code examples that simply do interactions using a Sketch design file - it would help me teach my team and get them to use Framer quicker.

    3. I wish the documentation around Events were more detailed - they only list the event name, not what I'd get in the return function. Some of them have examples, some don't. Many times I have to trace the event object to see what arguments are given and have to guess what each arguments mean.

    4. I've been avoiding using the "share" function in Framer because every time it generates a different link, and I commonly have to get feedback and change them with a team of designers. So I have to keep track of which link is the latest and have to tell people to go to that link - in the end I opted to host the whole prototype myself. Having an option in share to somehow "overwrite" the last link would work better for me.

    Still, you guys have a kick-ass tool. Love it.

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