AMA: Framer Team on the all-new Framer and Auto-Code

over 7 years ago from Brittany Gregory, Content Strategist at Framer

  • Benjamin den BoerBenjamin den Boer, over 7 years ago

    In addition to #5 — surrounding yourself with the right people who can (and are willing to) help you grow can be tremendously valuable as well. :-)

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    • Koen Bok, over 7 years ago

      Yeah to make this more practical, and having worked at startups and big tech, there is a big difference.

      In a great startup you learn on a deep and personal level, almost like an apprenticeship. You will get more honest and insightful feedback over a long timeline of multiple projects.

      In big tech you learn a lot of small bits from many different people, it's more up to you to turn it into great work.

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