AMA: Framer Team on the all-new Framer and Auto-Code

over 7 years ago from Brittany Gregory, Content Strategist at Framer

  • Krijn Rijshouwer, over 7 years ago

    Hey Florian,

    Thanks man, happy to hear that you like what we're making!

    We haven't launched a TextLayer Component in the Auto-Code release because we want to make Auto-Code better one step at a time. Doing text editing right is pretty complicated and it is definitely something we want to get totally right once it's in there. It is on the roadmap and up soon though, so it won't be long until you can easily edit and use variable text in Framer.

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    • Jorn van Dijk, over 7 years ago

      What Krijn said. Working with text in Framer is far from great. We'll tackle it soon (cleaner syntax first) and then onto better alignment and layouts.

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