AMA: Framer Team on the all-new Framer and Auto-Code

over 7 years ago from Brittany Gregory, Content Strategist at Framer

  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, over 7 years ago

    I feel like this question sort of misses the idea of Framer.. Code is what makes Framer so much more powerful than any other prototyping tool. Of course it would be great to have something more 'user-friendly' so that many other designers get into using Framer, but in doing so they would sacrifice so much of the power that using code gives.

    I feel like Framer shouldn't be apologetic about the learning curve for designers who are 'afraid of code'... They seem to be going above and beyond to help facilitate this by having Auto-Code, as well as Smart Autocomplete.

    Designers who are afraid of code will eventually come to see how achievable using Framer is, so I hope that the guys at Framer do not sacrifice the power of code simply to make it a bit easier for designers to learn how to use it.

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    • Raphael Lopes, over 7 years ago

      I partially agree with you. One of the reasons that Framer is so powerful is because of the code, and sacrifice this feature for people who don't want to learn how to code can harm the software. In this point, I agree with you.

      But as we saw with Auto-Code, maybe the Framer team are thinking about other things (like Auto-Code) that might be useful for more designers who don't know how to code feel more confident with the Framer without sacrifice the power of the software, this is my point.

      I don't think you have to sacrifice advanced users to help new users learn about your software. And it would be great if more designers lost your fears with a software that is easy to introduce in a new universe like code, maybe they will feel more confident.

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