How much does it cost to host Unsplash?(

over 7 years ago from Luke Chesser, Co-founder Crew & Unsplash

  • Nye YarringtonNye Yarrington, over 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, Luke. Is the company now split between the two products ( and unsplash) with staff choosing which to join? If so, how did that all work out for you? Sounds scary...

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    • Luke ChesserLuke Chesser, over 7 years ago

      Great question.

      About a year ago we started building a separate team for Unsplash inside of Crew. Everyone has been new hires and we've built the two teams side-by-side. With the exception of Mikael (who's the CEO of Crew), everyone works full time on either Crew or Unsplash. There was a point where a few of us tried to help on both products, but it became far too difficult to prioritize things, since it was hard to figure out what was more important: Feature A for Crew or Feature B for Unsplash.

      I think that could make a very interesting article at some point — how and why we split the teams the way we did, and all the processes and mechanics involved in running a company inside of another company, while trying to make both grow.

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