Apple Reveals San Francisco Monospaced Font

7 years ago from Peter Nowell, Designer at Peter Nowell Design

  • Peiran TanPeiran Tan, 7 years ago

    I will definitely want to try out SF Mono in my code editor (now I’m using Input). Looks so much more done right than Roboto Mono.

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    • Alec LomasAlec Lomas, 7 years ago

      Input ftw

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    • Ismail JadunIsmail Jadun, 7 years ago

      I use Fira Code because the coding ligatures are so fun.

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      • Ethan BondEthan Bond, 7 years ago

        While I suppose it looks kind of interesting... how's the experience writing that? When you backspace a -> that looks like a single arrow, it still requires two backspaces, right? Is it not as weird as I'm imagining?

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    • Peter NowellPeter Nowell, 7 years ago

      I've been digging Operator, the new Hoefler & Co. code font. It's highly legible, although very stylistic. Couldn't be more different than SF. Available in CodePen now.

      Operator Code Font

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    • James HarrisJames Harris, 7 years ago

      The thousand-and-one faces of Input are really impressive, but for comfort and ease of use I'm very happy with CamingoCode.

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