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over 7 years ago from Joe MacNeil, Freelance copywriter

  • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    We're not the intended audience, but I can't help to chime in.

    I get it - lead gen - but it puts the fixation all over price versus scope.

    A lot of the customers coming to these sites can barely describe their app or website.

    "It's like Uber meets ice cream delivery with gameification" - - - and then everyone reads tea leaves into a half baked idea that hasn't been thought through.

    These tools that "simplify" estimating - set the wrong expectations for customers, the approach can lead to a race to the bottom and thus, lead to unsatisfactory results for the customer.

    Different verticals have varying weights of difficulty associated with tackling them.

    An app or website that is in banking or finance may have a higher level of difficulty (higher cost) to build versus some rich dentist's side project he's chucking $30k at (versus throwing into the stock market) to build another photo app that will conquer the world.

    I know more of the scoping questions get fused into the Crew project process, but that has to come here in this process as well if this is going to be useful.

    Help the customer and your Crew gather proper scope and spec. Help them think through what is being addressed.

    If a customer can barely describe what they want built, how on earth can you estimate it? If they don't even know.

    As it stands now, it's a gimmick that will come back to bite.

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