• Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Logitech mice are such high quality products. I've been using the MX series since 2002. MX500, 510, 518, and I only every swapped mice because years of using them day-in-day-out made them get dirty to the point where a casual clean wouldn't make 'm nice again.

    You could drop 'm, throw 'm, heck, I'm pretty sure you could've chopped a tree with 'm if you tried.

    .edit: also, they're no-nonsense devices. Left, right, scroll, forward/backward buttons, nothing else.

    .edit2: Currently on high quality but less durable G502. Wouldn't chop wood with it, but as I mentioned; it's still great quality. Ton of buttons I don't use. DPI control. Lotta fancy crap. (Not all of what I just mentioned was positive.)

    .edit3: piccy piccy:


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    • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, over 7 years ago

      i have this at home as well, using a magic mouse at work, but you can remap all those buttons if you want. i haven't yet cos i don't do much work at home, but i know its possible!

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      • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, over 7 years ago

        Yup, I did too! But I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks! ;)

        On a more useful note: the software that comes with this is sickeningly awesome. From adjusting light pulse speed (useless but fun) to the immensely good "surface recognition". What a difference with a mouse calibrated to its surface. Oh my god!

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