• Ben WarmuthBen Warmuth, over 7 years ago

    For work, I've got a Logitech M510 that I carry in my bag with me and plug into my machine at work. It was inexpensive but gets the job done nicely. I like this mouse a lot.

    For gaming I've got a Logitech G700S and a G600 (for MMOs). I almost considered using my G700S for work but wanted something smaller and more easily portable and the M510 hit that for me.

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    • Josh Sullivan, over 7 years ago

      I picked up an M510 for work use as well, and I have to say I absolutely love this thing. In fact, I loved it so much I bought another one for home use. I've got pretty big hands too and I think it works phenomally well considering it only cost around $25.

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