Would DN be better as 'invite-only' again?

over 7 years ago from James Lane, UI Designer [Moderator]

  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 7 years ago

    Our industry is already enough of a bubble as it is - I don't think there is no need to be even more needlessly (and inappropriately) elitist as we already are.

    I don't even know that "webdesignshare" that you talk about - is it like actual spam, or is it just annoying content? Because I personally see yet another sketch-plugin or sketch-tutorial-video or "why designers should {inset here}" as spam as well.

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    • James LaneJames Lane, over 7 years ago

      That's true. Very good point. I'm glad you don't see the webdesignshare stuff. I, along with other mods, try to delete them as quick as possible, similar to other spammy posts.

      I just felt that when it was invite-only, rather than being considered 'elitist', the DN community was full of like-minded users.

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      • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 7 years ago

        You are doing a good job in deleting them :D

        ... the DN community [would be] full of like-minded users

        This is where I would see the problem. Have different opinions, different views. Imagine everyone would have the same opinion on here. All we would do is massage our egos even more. We already do too much to impress our peers.

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      • Alaik FAlaik F, over 7 years ago

        Even when the post is deleted it's still delivered to my feedly

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        • James LaneJames Lane, over 7 years ago

          ...and to my Panda feed. But I'm not sure if that's to do with the DN API or the service that's using the API.

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    • Kemie GuaidaKemie Guaida, over 7 years ago

      It's not annoying content, it's newly created accounts posting uninteresting if harmless design articles (10 best ecommerce platforms, 45+ jquery plugins, 25 interesting hacks, 125 listicles to write). The problem is they post 10 a day, all from the same site. It gets annoying pretty quickly.

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      • Matt Sullivan, over 7 years ago

        I agree with you. Its getting annoying.

        I’m not sure what the implications of changing this to a invite-only site would be but I’m certain that this awesome site is becoming littered with list-spam like you described. The the best part of Designer News are posts about design, practices, tools, the industry, site redesigns, and questions from designers. the other items feel like ads or spam. But its all about ratios. Currently, it appears that the uninteresting articles are growing. Eventually the ratio may become so bad that people stop visiting.

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    • Michael AleoMichael Aleo, over 7 years ago

      Is design really elitist? We don't have a required degree or certification. There's almost zero bar for entry. You get interested in design, and then you can call yourself a designer.

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