• Billy CarlsonBilly Carlson, over 7 years ago

    My problem is that if you watch their marketing video- their "pump up reel" -then use the product they launched, you wonder what the hell they were thinking. And it was a year late? I am disappointed.

    Side note in Squarespace. I have recommended a few friends to use it and each one abandoned it for WIX because it was too complicated for them. I couldn't believe it.

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    • Account deleted over 7 years ago

      Actually that doesn't surprise me. Squarespace, while easy to use, gets INCREDIBLY painful if you want to deviate one tiny bit off of a template.

      For example, I was working on a site in it and there are are no h-tags past h3. So, to add in one more font size, you've got to write this crazy css injection code an then place additional stuff in each page header.

      Of course, you could go into full-on developer mode and get to all the code, but they scare you hardcore by saying that once you do it, you can't go back. The average user is not gonna do that.

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