• Olivier FOlivier F, over 7 years ago

    Have you threatened to issue a chargeback? That may be a trigger word that will get them to pay attention.

    Chargebacks from customers can be very problematic for companies that accept credit cards. If it happens often enough it becomes more expensive to accept credit cards.

    If that still doesn't get their attention contact your credit card issuer and explain the situation and see if they actually can issue a chargeback. Since you've made a genuine and extensive attempt at obtaining a refund for a product that is not being delivered it is perfectly reasonable for you to do this.

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    • Mark JenkinsMark Jenkins, over 7 years ago

      I didn't threaten anything as such, made requests, it just got ridiculous. They responded on Twitter earlier, so will wait and see.

      If not, will call the card issuer and get them to do the chargeback for me – good shout!

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