Ask DN: So what has design became actually?

over 7 years ago from Some Designer, Pixel placer for touchable machines

  • Some DesignerSome Designer, over 7 years ago

    Hey Luca,

    Sorry for making you deal with horrible grammar mistakes on the first post.

    You mentioned about satisfaction. Actually the original subject of my post was "I can't get satisfied" but changed it to this. Yeah satisfaction is one of the biggest issues that I'be been dealing. I also agree with putting ourselves too much into our story but why shouldn't we? Back then solutions as design was the major revolution to being umm.. modern? But current state of design is to correct some random guy at top of x white collar guy's idiotic ideas into a presentable fashion with our "photoshop".

    Maybe you've seen the video that they're asking other professions to work them for free and maybe pay later. They all find it funny, some even just scoffs away instead of answering. So, in our profession it's kind of standard.

    I'm not mentioning the low pays. So if the payment is the base concern for designating the entity's value, I'm assuming designers are worthless against some random ceo guy that I've mentioned before. But the reality is that worthless one does the all work.

    Ugh.. I don't know.

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