• Alex GareyAlex Garey, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I may be going against popular opinion here, but I actually really dislike this update and find it much harder to read than before. I can't find a place to focus on. There doesn't appear to be any sort of hierarchy. I also feel like while I'm on the actual site that I'm looking at a mobile site. Especially now, in this story post. Is there a reason that the entire website seems to be at similar proportions to a mobile device? The overall typographic treatment just seems a bit large and horsey to me now, were as before everything seemed to be delicate and in it's place before. It all just seems like sort of a mess, if I may be blunt. To be perfectly honest, I thought it was a joke at first.

    Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate you guys taking the time out to update things, especially making the site more mobile friendly, however I thought the original design was great and I don't see any need to have completely redesigned all of the typographic and iconographic elements (even the layout is different!) Nine times out of ten I am all for change, updates, and 'facelifts' to brands and websites, but this is just far too large of a departure for me. DN no longer feels like a strong and powerful source for designers and developers alike. Now it just feels juvenile and unsure of itself.

    One last bit: Serif typefaces ? better legibility. That rule really only applies when the point size is very small, but you've chosen to make the smallest type size on the site sans serif.

    Edit: For those who are interested, below I've posted a before and after of the DN website. Feel free to compare.

    Before: http://d.pr/i/B0Om After: http://d.pr/i/P0se

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