• charles riccardicharles riccardi, over 9 years ago

    I probably should have added my comment here ;)

    So, I just opened up the designer news page and was like WOOAAHHHH. Everything has changed. I am totally all for iteration, but I think this one may have taken a step back. Here is some feedback.

    1. It's actually harder to read now, with the font change. Gill sans is a tough one at small sizes, I think.

    2. With the images now included in the container (instead of laying outside of it), my eye now has to jump from right to left as I scan down the page. It was really nice to have the ability to just follow the icons on the left, then scan right when I wanted to see what the content actually was.

    3. Also, this may have been there before, but there is a lot of text under each headline. I think the headlines might benefit from a bit more white space, or the removal of some of the secondary text.

    Just thoughts from another designer. This is an awesome service, and I appreciate all the awesome work that has gone into it.


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