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  • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, over 7 years ago

    But is this highlight of their comments really "attacking" its subjects? It's literally quoting their comments without anything — in fact, the tumblr doesn't even call them mysoginists, just says "Men of DN".

    The whole debacle is going around the fact that these guys don't want anyone to have the perception that they are mysoginists, when in fact the first step towards not being one is just apologizing and admitting when you are.

    Instead all we see here is men avoiding responsibility and trying really hard to pretend there's nothing wrong with this community. It's depressive, and honestly, I don't blame anyone that feels strongly against all of this crap.

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    • Anthony Gibson, over 7 years ago

      I believe that if it's mean-spirited, it's likely perceived as attacking. Again, I'm not trying to defend any of this nonsense, but I'm trying to cut through the noise to the person on the other side of the computer screen.

      Your argument is that "these guys" don't want to be though badly of. Of course they don't! Who would want to be attacked for what they believe in? Communication is a really complex thing, I'm sure you could relate to me when I say that I often say things in a way that doesn't capture my full intent. By highlighting comments, rallying them all up together and calling them all nasty names, what do you expect people who sit on that side of the dialogue to feel?

      Being attacked makes for great motivation to attack back. It's a little harder to feel vengeful against other people if they speak to you like you're a human being. Just because we don't agree with them, doesn't mean we should assume that write on a website is a full representation of who they are as a person. The most successful civil rights endeavors in the history of the world, have been solved with positivity and inspiration, not public shaming and a demand that they change their ways.

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