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    For those criticizing this as not offering providing any "solution" (a tall order if you ask me), one way one might be part of a solution is to make a conscious effort to upvote and submit stories about or, even better, by underrepresented non-cis-male designers. Alternatively, invite your non-male designer friends (assuming you have them) to join the community (perhaps with a word of warning, especially given the glimpse of misogynistic displays highlighted here). For that last solution to work it requires users to also consider upvoting comments/stories of those who don't identify as men to provide space for their voices to be heard. Another solution is to start reporting the comments highlighted in this tumblr (and others) to help build a more inclusive community.

    Perhaps those who are upset with this blog could create a counter-blog which highlights the most insightful and positive comments and submissions by non-cis-male community members to help take the spotlight off of men and better share this space. A great by-product of that is you would be supporting these underrepresented community members and representing this community as a safe space for them (see: becoming part of the solution).

    Personally, I think highlighting the negative misogynistic behavior in this community is a very valuable thing and hopefully was eye-opening to some, and perhaps inspiring for those who felt disillusioned by it (such as myself) to take more action toward make this an inclusive and more positive community.

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